camp 4:30pm until 6:30pm workshop on comcomism - comcomizing the ocuupy movment
Where: Cappelle-Ufer 1, The camp on Bundespressestrand near Hauptbahnhof



Making common companies of which "peer owners" (i.e. its equal shareholders) are the movement's supporters,

where each company provides services to the movement's activists, including"things" like cars, rooms, boats :), social platform, journal/radio/tv channels, food/energy producers/distributors, insurance companies, banks and/or lobbies assisting in fighting for the activists causes, and
where the company's objectives are (in several year to come) creating its new market of the 99%, as its peer owners are to become the costumers of the comcoms.
The company's promotions are the activists' protests
The company's profit is planed to the future (say for the next 5,10 years) based on creating its market by providing its services

Making many (at least some hundreds of thousands) small peer owners of such companies will weaken any attempt to lock the movement in corners, such as of conspiracy theory etc, and will produce contact positive interest of peer owners in the activity of movement.

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