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We can make our passive supporters become small (like 10 euro) equal shareholders over the company giving services to our activists. Such company can have some cars, tents site etc, and when become bigger it can also have newspaper, radio or tv channel or even banks etc and as its shareholders are also its clients. This approach can add to the negative campaigning we are doing a new positive one.

the 6 points:
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comcomizing the occupy movement(s):

From the 6 points:
“ComCom” (or ComComized unit), standing for Common Company, is a co-ownership company, each of which owners is either a peer or ordinary owner and its type is one of the three: Scomcom(Static-ComCom), Icomcom(Indi-ComCom) or Dcomcomc (Dynamic-ComCom) - Here are the 6 point explaining what is a ComCom:

1 Tradability: Based on a contract, any ComComized unit guarantees equality between its peer members being its owners, sitting at its top and owning equal share of it - like shareholders having equal number shares, each of which is able to sell the share at any time and price, while the price reflects the value of the whole unit.
2 The d: Added together, all the peers own the whole unit or only a portion of it, as the ratio of the peers' portion is d (as d*100 is the ratio's percentage),
where the rest of the unit (if any) is owned by all its ordinary (non-peer) owners and
where the ratio d of any Scomcomized unit is only once defined in the creation of the unit.
3 Peers' autonomy: The number of peers holding it must be agreed amongst themselves independently.
4 Coherent Layering: Each peer owner is either a person or a ComComized unit,
where each ordinary owner of Scomcom is either a person or a legal body other than comcom and
where per each unit, directly or indirectly, holding more than one position is forbidden.
5 Flexibility of the d: In the Icomcomized or Dcomcomized units, the number of all its shares equals the number of its memebrs and the number of shares per each peer owner is defined by the peers autonomously and is always less than or equal to one,
where each ordinary owner can only be a comcom of which peer owners are members in the held unit and which is either of the same type of the held unit or is a Scomcom of which d equals one,
where any member can always switch back to become a peer owner in the held unit and
where selling the share of an Icomcom is only to its members.
6 Recursiveness if the contract: Buyers of any of its shares must agree with all the points establishing any ComComized unit!

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