1st talk about rcoin in in-berlin

at 1.11.2013:18h-22h in-berlin Lehrter Str 53 10557 berlin, we expected for 15-30 people but were only 4, in the first talk on rcoin - the coin of respect.
minutes of the in-berlin meetup:
some conclusion

  • r pakage for statistic.
  • is the reduction linear?
  • can to meet again but need to talk,
  • continue in-berlin: Tuesday , Friday 18:30

for the next, to do..

  • need maths economic, not only programming ….
  • tax advisement payment, it it not legal, not only if it is untaxable?
  • check for attacking the system
  • how to publish it?

day after namzezam made a post on it

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